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Hetalia Day Buffalo '10
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo
caitlyn8248 wrote in hetaliaday
We are back with more fun to be had and a new location!

Hetalia Day Buffalo was the first WNY Hetalia Day in 09, we had a good attendance, but we're hoping for more people and even some Canadians to join us! We'd love to be a border meet up! (We invite those ESPECIALLY from Fort Erie, Fort Niagara, Hamilton, etc.) If you are coming from Canada and are not sure of how to get to the meet up, please feel free to ask us before hand. We will help you navigate from the Peace/Rainbow Bridge as best we can! (ALSO~ If you are a Canadian who wants to come, please bring a Canadian flag. We will need to represent you in our final group photo at the end of the day!)

Location: The Buffalo Historical Society in Delaware Park (In historic Buffalo, NY of course!)
Address: 25 Nottingham Court, Buffalo NY 14216
Date: 10/24/10
Time: 1 PM - 5 PM
What To Bring: 10-20 dollars to enter the History Museum IF the weather turns out to be disastrous (This IS Buffalo, after all), for food, anything that may pop up, food/drink if you want to bring it or have to bring from home, WARM CLOTHING/CHANGE OF CLOTHES, umbrella, etc.

We WILL be following the conduct of Hetalia Day that has been set for ALL meet ups. NO EXCEPTIONS. I and the other organizers will remind everyone of the conduct at the beginning and middle of the meet up. If you break the rules, we WILL ask you to leave.

Cosplay is optional, so feel free to wear whatever you would like! We will have more info for you as the time comes closer!

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I'm excited. You excited?

Also, I'm now veeeeeeeery tempted to bring my UN flag... >_>

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