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Hetalia Day '10 Eurovision Flashmob Dance
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo
caitlyn8248 wrote in hetaliaday
I have mentioned this back on the Hetalia livejournal, but of course things get pushed down.

I have the idea of trying to get as many Hetalia Day gatherings to do the flashmob dance.

If you don't know what the flashmob dance is, it was a dance done after the European Song Contest 'Eurovision'. And MANY cities across Europe participated in the dance.

Eurovision 2010 Flash Mob Dance

(Yes, enjoy all of the little boys Spain has in their dance.)

EDIT: If you'd like to learn the dance (You do /not/ need to learn it, it is a freestyle dance if you'd like it to be.) here is the link from Eurovision itself~

NOW~ You do NOT need to know how to dance or need to do any formal dance. But we would like you to record it and have somebody wave the flag of the nationality(ies) at the meet up. You just have to have fun doing a dance or something like that.

Once you record about a 30 seconds to 1 minute of dancing, please send it to me via my e-mail. I will provide all the organizers who are participating with my e-mail when it comes to that time. I will make one BIG video of all our flash mobs and put it on Youtube. It will span the 7 minute song.

Hetalia Day Buffalo will officially head the Flash Mob Dance for we're the organizers of the dance. We will have a list of participating cities who'll do the dance. :3

PLEASE~ Say something here and I will add your gathering to the list!

(Si tu peux pas parler anglais bien, tu me PEUX parler en francais. Je le pige.)

1 (Official Leader): Hetalia Day Buffalo
2. Hetalia Day San Antonio
3. Hetalia Day Miami
4. Hetalia Day Toronto
5. Hetalia Day NYC
6. Hetalia Day Metro Manila
7. Hetalia Day Belgium (They have supposedly merged I think~)
8. Hetalia Day Edinburgh
9. Hetalia Day Montreal
10. Hetalia Day Boston
11. Hetalia Day Finland (Hetalia meeting Finland Seurasaar)
12. Hetalia Day Seville (Spain)
13. Hetalia Day Delray Beach Florida
14. Hetalia Day Fayetteville
15. Hetalia Day Madison
16. Hetalia Day Brunswick [I am SO sorry ; A ; I totally forgot to add this one)
17. Hetalia Day Orange Country (California)
18. Hetalia Day Guadalajara (Mexico)
19. Hetalia Day in Tel Aviv (Israel)
20. Hetalia Day Lima (Peru)
21. Hetalia Day Düsseldorf (Germany)
22. Hetalia Day Rochester
23. Hetalia Day San Jose
24. Hetalia Day Murcia (Spain)
25. Hetalia Day New Mexico
26. Hetalia Day Wilmington (NC)
27. Hetalia Day Los Angeles
28. Hetalia Day V Region (Chile)
29. Hetalia Day Sydney (Australia)
30. Hetalia Day Chihuahua (Mexico)
31. Hetalia Day Monterrey (Mexico)
32. Hetalia Day Minneapolis (I am so sorry I didn't add you sooner. ; ;)
33. Hetalia Day Madrid (Spain)

EDIT: Oh my god, thank you so much for everyone's support on this! I am so excited, 24 official participants in 11 different countries! I hope those who mentioned they want to do this will join in! Thank you so much for this, I am honored as the organizer. But, this isn't over yet. PLEASE spread the news to people to join in! Thank you, good luck, and see ya at Hetalia Day! <3

I shared this page on Twitter/FB, and I'll include this in the next newsletter I send to the organizers.

Count in San Antonio, Texas

Hello! This sounds like so much fun! We'll probably be doing our dance to K'Naan's "Waving Flag" from FIFA. :) It's something we are already practicing for the Texas Wide Hetalia Photoshoot that I'm also hosting. I don't see why we can't bust a jam! Count San Antonio, Texas in on the fun! If you need me, I am at texashetalia@yahoo.com


Re: Count in San Antonio, Texas

Thank you so very much for joining! ; u ; It means a lot to me.

Hopefully, more and more gatherings will join! I'd LOVE to fill up the 7/8 minute song with people dancing from around the world~!

Include Hetalia Day Miami here~ Not sure what dance we'd be doing, but I'm sure we will be dancing! <3 Great idea btw!

Awesome! <3 Thank you so much for joining! (And thank you for the compliment! ; u ; It means a lot to me!)

Our meet up already plan to make a dance vid during our meet up XD
Please add Toronto on the list! We'll add some Canadian touch to it <3

YES! We need that Canadian touch, of course!

Thank you so very much for participating. ; u ; It makes this Buffalonian very very happy. <3

Count New York in, baby! :D

Will do! <3

Thank you so much for participating!

Wow. I haven't had goosebumps like that since I watched Where the Hell is Matt. And this is different because this one's gonna be real!

Count Hetalia Day Metro Manila in. :D I'll inform my groups.

Awesome! ; u ; I'm so glad you're excited~!

I will add Manila Metro to the list!

I'm sending this link to nearly every group in the Hetalia-Day list. *Desprate for this to happen. And happen WELL*

You don't know how much that means to me. ; ; Wow, I'm ready to cry, like really.

Thank you so very much. I don't know if I could say thank you enough. <3

(Deleted comment)
Sounds great! >u< I will add you guys to the list! <3

Scotland is taking part. To be precise Edinburgh, Scotland, the vid may not be very good as I don't have good recording equipment on hand but well have a go.

That's a-ok! Any kind of video and just participating is good enough for me! ; u ;

I will add Edinburgh to list!

Heeeeyyy here one of the Organizer of the Hetalia day at Montreal ! You can add us in your list =PP Bluh bluh !! It'll be a pleasure to participated to this video hehehe (and great idea ;3)

((sorry my english is soooo baaad ;A; OTL))

(C'est pas grave. Je parle francais. :3)

Je vais vous metter sur le liste. >u< Merci beacoup! <3

This looks like fun!

Hetalia Day Boston is on bored, my friend! Count us in!!! XD

Sounds awesome!

I will add you right on to the list! >u

oh gawd I wanted to do this! <3 I'll post this on my fan page on FB. ;u;

Sounds great! I hope you guys can participate! ; u ;

Hello from Finland~~
You can include "Hetalia meeting Finland Seurasaari" here :3

Damn I had no idea that you were going to do a thing like this! Amazing idea ;D (And I already know the dance so *points for me*) I'll go ask(make) other people to learn it too, so I don't have to dance all by myself ^^"
And it's gonna be awesome.

Awesomesauce! ; u ; I will add your gathering to the list!

I'm so excited!

add Brunswick, Maine

I asked a few people in my meet area in Brunswick if this seemed like fun to them. Two of them seem to like it so add us to the list.

Re: add Brunswick, Maine

I will add your group to the list! I really hope you guys will! <3

You may want to put this on the main topic. It's the official steps for the dance from the official eurovision itself :D


Oh right! I have seen this! : o I will edit the blog here and pit that up!