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Hetalia Day: Portland, Oregon
karaotter wrote in hetaliaday

When: 11:30 AM, October 23rd. (That's a Saturday!)

Where: Outside the Simon Benson House at PSU. (Corner of SW Montgomery St and SW Park Ave on the south park blocks.)

Cosplay is more than welcome, but not mandatory. There is the PSU Farmer's Market going on, as well as several cafes and restaurants that are nearby that are all open for lunch. Though since the Farmer's Market is going on, please observe not only the Hetalia Day Code of Conduct but any rules the Farmer's Market might have. Also, it's supposed to rain on Saturday, so come prepared!

Feel free to give any suggestions for activities or ask any questions you might have.

Hope to see you guys there!

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If I'm only 12 can I go?

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