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Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. - Do we already have a meetup?
X Japan - hide TPed
hideincarnate wrote in hetaliaday
Hi everyone!

I live in Northern Virginia, about 30-45 minutes away from Washington D.C. and I was wondering if anyone had already made a gathering/meet-up for this area for Hetalia Day?

I couldn't find it on the more than awesome Hetalia Day website, and...digging through the main LJ comm for it might be a little crazy/impossible.

But if there is one, let me know please! I'm interested in going!

And if there isn't one, let me know that too because we should have one! We're D.C.! We're important!

Thank you!

And moderators, please delete this post if you feel it is unnecessary. m(__)m

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I wondered the same thing, too!! But, there's one in Springfield now. Here's a link to the FB page~ http://www.facebook.com/note.php?created&¬e_id=450524384591#!/event.php?eid=169695929711258&index=1

Oh! Well...Springfield is about as far as D.C. for me and is probably a lot safer to drive around!

I'll be sure to advertise it on the main comm.

aw, thanks a bunch!! >w<
I hope we get enough people!

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