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Hetalia Day Buffalo Updates + EUROVISION FLASH MOB UPDATES
Korea Hetalia Im Yong Soo
caitlyn8248 wrote in hetaliaday

I'd like to thank everyone who is participating in the flash mob and I hope more people will join! I'd like to clear up some confusion in this post.

1. We are using the song 'Glow' by Madcon. The original song used the Eurovision Flash Mob.

2. There is no set dance. I'd love if people did the original dance, but if you want to freestyle or do another dance, go for it.

3. There is no set deadline of when to send in the video, however, I want the video in within a week of Hetalia Day. I want to get the video done as soon as possible.

3.5. If your English isn't the greatest and you're better at French/French is your native tongue, I can communicate to you in French and help resolve the issue. I am willing to be bilingual for this event to help.

Hetalia Day Buffalo Updates

If you're confused of the basics, refer to the original post! This post is just to update you on certain things.

1. There are two locations in WNY. One here in Buffalo, one in Rochester. I'd LOVE if you came to the Buffalo one, however what ever is easier to go to or you feel most comfortable going to, go to that gathering. Also please, let's not start a World War III by being nasty to the other gathering. We all have feelings, we all have opinions, respect them.

2. Cosplay; I /really/ don't care what you wear. You could come in a cosplay from a totally different anime or even in a Scandinavia and the World cosplay (which I'd ADORE to see). What I care about is if you have some interest in

A) Hetalia
B) World Peace/Acceptance of Others
C) Having a Good Time

BUT, even if you are not in a Hetalia cosplay, you are still subjected to the same cosplay rules/code of conduct in general. This means, no Nazi/Commie outfits. Sorry FMA: The Conqueror of Shamballa, Nazi Germany of SATW, and Soul Eater/Bleach/Kingdom Hearts/Anime with Big Ass Weapons, leave your nazi, communists, and big butt weapons at home. You are attending /our/ event just like everyone else, so you will be treated like everyone else.

3. Games, more games, and activities; because this event is literally what you make it, I want people to come and bring games or game ideas! Like maybe a Soviet version of 'Red Rover' or a new version of 'Red Light, Green Light'. Be creative! I for one LOVE hearing new ideas for games. I can organize an event all you want (we do have game ideas planned), but it's the people who attend who make it fun!

4. FOOD; We would like you to bring food to share but please, take your food home when you have to go. x A x I'm sure your food is delicious, but my home is like a European home where we don't have a huge pantry/refrigerator.

5. Canadians; I REALLY hope we get some Canadians from Fort Erie/Fort Niagara/ etc. to come to the event. If you are a Canadian who wants to come and don't know how to get here, ask! I will do my best to help you. Also please bring a Canadian Flag so we can represent you in the Flashmob Dance AND in our Overall Photoshoot. :3

6. Eurovision Flash Mob: We are the leading city! Please give it your all and have the most fun you can with this! I'd love if you learned the dance but you do not need to.