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Hetalia Day 2010 in two (or one, or three) days!
Epic shit internet
aveona wrote in hetaliaday
Hetalia Day 2010 is almost upon us!
The latest count shows we have 35 countries participating, with 161 meetups. You Hetalia fans are amazing!
Some of us are celebrating early, so here are the last-minute reminders:

1) We have a code of conduct, available in four languages. There's also guidelines for cosplay and a flag etiquette guide. If you haven't seen them, please do.

2) You are asked to submit at least one group photo to hetalia.day@gmail.com (You can view last year's here). The said photo(s) will be uploaded to the main site, hetalia-day.com, to the Facebook fanpage, and possibly to other Hetalia-related websites. So make sure it's a photo you're comfortable sharing. (If you can, please take photos with your national flag included. The flag of your country, not the character you're cosplaying XD If that's not possible, a banner/poster indicating your location would suffice.)

3) If there's any changes in your event (cancellation, rescheduling, etc.), please inform me. Even if you post it in hetalia , I might have missed it.

4) Have fun!