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Organizing APH Day
Epic shit internet
aveona wrote in hetaliaday
1)  How did it go with the code of conduct last year? Too strict, too lax, or just right? Do you have any additions/suggestions?

2) What would you advice to a first-time organizer?

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New York City here: Code of Conduct last year was fantastic. The behavior and general issues section worked fine, but we had to make a couple of additions/limitations to the props rule.

-We have outright banned yaoi paddles and things like leashes and chains. I'm embarrassed even to admit that some people thought it would be a good idea to bring those, but we made it clear at the start that we weren't going to tolerate that sort of thing. No one did anything they shouldn't have with the items, we just felt they were highly inappropriate.

-We've also banned flags larger than 12"x18" (though we do have the one giant American flag for the group picture, but that's all we're using it for). Not only did we find the large flags distracting last year, but we were in a place where it was very difficult to keep the flags clean and dry and off the ground. It was much easier to control stick flags, and this year we're setting up a group-buy of 4"x6" stick flags (and the tiny ones are hella cute anyway). Those are all I can think of at the moment.

Advice for a first-time organizer: If your meeting is larger than ten people, and/or includes people you've never meet face-to-face before: keep calm and carry on. Something will go not-according to plan. Just deal with it. Stay flexible. Breathe. It'll be okay. :D Ten people or fewer (oh god am I jealous of you): order some pizza and geek out.

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