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Organizing APH Day
Epic shit internet
aveona wrote in hetaliaday
1)  How did it go with the code of conduct last year? Too strict, too lax, or just right? Do you have any additions/suggestions?

2) What would you advice to a first-time organizer?

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For our case, most of our attendees aren't subscribed to either dev, LJ or FB and so any announcements made didn't reach them, even if they were posted on the interwebs. On-the-day announcements were sort of ignored due to various reasons (e.g. open space, lack of equipment like megaphones, people spread out everywhere) but every time there was some sort of misconduct done by the cosplayers, there would be an uproar from the masses and they would behave. Mostly those who went out of line a bit (and yes, it's the flags again) are the new cosplayers and those who don't really know about Hetalia and just got roped into it somehow... :\

Aside it was all fun. As for advice for first time organizers, wherever you are, be it indoor or outdoors, have first-aid kits at the ready, and if you can, licensed nurses and/or first-aiders.

For two years now, we've got this bad luck of some injuries happening and getting fast first aid treatment is really a relief, especially for organizers (who are like, a bunch of friends meeting a whole lot of other groups of friends for the first time) and their parents.

We're more used to organizing Hetalia Day for approx 100 people so another really good piece of advice for large groups would be to book a venue beforehand.

Like...months beforehand. In Manila, it's hard to find public places where you can just have a picnic with a hundred people for free and so organizing Hetalia Day is kinda like organizing a cosplay convention without the money and sponsors. ^^;

When choosing a venue consider security, accessibility, facilities and budget. This year we've striven to get a venue indoors so there'll be a security guard at the very least.

Another advice would be to talk with your fellow organizers. Heck, talk with everyone you know would be interested in joining and get as much help as you can without being overwhelmed (y'know, if suddenly a bunch of people want in on suggesting activities and such).

For large groups, having committees would be a lifesaver. For the past two years, our attendees are split into marshalls, logistics, first-aid, documentation, emcees, merch selling and the moderators. All of this is volunteer work.

Gosh, what else. Don't fret or panic. Ultimately, Hetalia Day is a day to just kick back and have fun and celebrate everyone's favorite animanga about anthropomorphic nations.

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